Technology of Participation: Facilitation & Consensus Building Training

ToP Facilitation Methods Courses

Activate participation with the three proven methods in this foundation ToP course. The Focused Conversation method leads naturally to a meaningful exchange of ideas. The Consensus Workshop method helps develop group consensus, integrates diverse ideas, and generates practical and creative solutions.  The Action Planning method helps groups plan, organize resources and build commitment. Through hands-on practice, you will discover practical uses of the methods in both your personal and work life. 

ToP Power of Image Shift Course

Transform your groups' beliefs and outcomes with ToP Power of Image Shift methods. This course provides a succinct presentation of image shift theory and practical methods to facilitate your work with groups. Participants will learn the power of imagery in transforming existing beliefs into significant, enduring change. The Power of Image Shift course is for trainers, designers, facilitators, and others who lead people and group processes.  
Prerequisite: ToP Facilitation Methods 

ToP Strategic Planning Course

Create "participant-owned" plans with productive actions and concrete accomplishments that come from your group's common vision. ToP Strategic Planning incorporates group facilitation methods that deal with the realities blocking the group from success. In this course, you learn and practice the unique strategic planning process that produces vision, recognizes contradictions, creates strategic directions and defines your implementation.

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