The Journey of Healing from Sexual Violence

Healing from sexual violence can happen. Wise Women Gathering Place can support that journey.

I feel alone...

A person who has experienced any form of sexual violence may be reluctant to tell anyone or seek help and feel very alone. 

The person may think no one will believe them  OR

"It's not that bad"  OR

"It was my fault... for being in that situation... for being drunk... because I didn't say no"  OR

The person may feel ashamed  OR

The person may fear the consequences from family or the community  OR...

These are just a few examples from the long list of reasons people don't tell someone or seek help.


I'm not alone...Taking steps to heal from sexual violence  

Sharing with others who have experienced sexual violence can be a powerful step in healing. Wise Women Gathering place provides a variety of healing opportunities for someone seeking support. In addition to staff advocacy and support, court accompaniment, medical accompaniment, and holistic wellness options, the following group are available.


Sexual Assault Healing Support Group

Wise Women Gathering Place's Sexual Assault Healing group provides a safe and confidential space to share their experience. Healing is in the hands of each participant, and each person decides what next steps they wish to take, if any.


Each Sexual Assault Healing Support Group meets weekly for 12 weeks. Dates and times are set at the convenience of group participants. New 12-week Sexual Assault Healing Support Groups occur throughout year. Each group is limited to 5-7 participants. Registrations are accepted anytime through the year for new-forming groups.


Mending Broken Hearts for Healing Sexual Violence 

Wise Women Gathering Place blends White Bison's Mending Broken Hearts community workshop with tools that focus on healing from sexual violence. The Mending Broken Hearts workshop provides a safe space to heal from trauma in one's past. Each workshop is an intense, 4-day healing journey for participants ready to work on their personal healing.


Mending Broken Hearts workshops are 4 8-hour days with an optional sweat lodge ceremony. Workshops are scheduled four times a year. Groups are limited to 15 participants and registration is accepted throughout the year for upcoming workshops.