Transitional Living Program

Wise Women Gathering Place is proud to offer a Transitional Living Program (TLP) to assist individuals and their children recovering from domestic violence and sexual assault.  Learn more about our Transitional Living Program here. 

White Bison Healing Programs

White Bison Programs provide culturally based healing from unresolved grief and incomplete relationships created by historical and intergenerational trauma. Learn more about White Bison here.

Wise Youth Groups

Middle School Wise Youth confronts issues like dating violence, sexual assault, teen pregnancy, suicide, and alcohol and drug abuse head on! We do service projects, have great conversations about important topics, and raise awareness in the community.  Learn more about Middle School Wise Youth here.


The mission of High School Wise Youth is to stop abuse and think before action. We will better the world one step at a time by helping to improve relationships because no youth or teen should be left behind or forgotten.  Learn more about High School Wise Youth here. 

Women's Group

Wise Women Gathering Place offers a weekly support group for women. Come and join us for a hot cup of tea and share concerns about everyday life happenings. We also do pot lucks, aromatherapy, life skill activities, craft nights, and invite speakers.  Learn more about Women's Group here.

Men's Group

The focus of the Men's Group is helping each other on a journey to wellness & being productive male members of our community.  Learn more about Men's Group here. 

Sexual Assault Survivors' Group

If you have been harmed by sexual assault or sexual abuse in your lifetime, this group may be the safe space you need to work on healing from the trauma.  Learn more about the Sexual Assault Survivors' Group here.