Discovery Dating

...its not just about dating!

The Discovery Dating: healthy relationship curriculum guides youth and adults to:


  • explore and clarify personal goals and values
  • discover character traits of others
  • practice decision making

It helps participants develop healthy relationship skills, helps prevent domestic violence, teen pregnancy and sexual assault, and promotes healing




“Where was this when I needed it?” is often the initial statement after anyone is shown Wise Women Gathering Place's Discovery Dating materials. Discovery Dating is a healthy relationship tool that engages youth and adults to explore and clarify their personal values, discern character traits of others and practice decision making.


Alice Skenandore, Discovery Dating author, states, “We believe everyone has their own best interests at heart”. Discovery Dating provides the opportunity to discover our personal values, skills to achieve our own dreams and goals, and more options to consider as we make decisions that impact our lives.


"Discovery Dating helped me to thoroughly explore many significantly important topics and learn about my partner in many different ways. Upon completing the pyramid, Discovery Dating aided in my decision making process and helped me to make the best decision for me and my life." - John Vanden Boogaard

Promising Results in Teen Pregnancy Prevention

Wise Women Gathering Place has had promising results using Discovery Dating as a way to prevent adolescent pregnancy. After 5 years with Discovery Dating in 8th grade classes, one community showed that of 157 youth who had our program there were 5 pregnancies and of the 136 youth who did not have our program there were 32 pregnancies.


Read more about these results, known as the C-BAC Project, here. 

Current Projects in Domestic Violence & Sexual Assault

Because Discovery Dating works to help people make healthier decisions about all harm-risk behaviors, Wise Women Gathering Place is currently assessing the impact of Discovery Dating on intimate partner violence prevention, alcohol and other drug abuse prevention. Discovery Dating increases protective factors and reduces risk factors.


Wise Women Gathering Place offers one on one sessions for parents/mentors with youth or couples, group sessions and teacher trainings. To become certified as a Discovery Dating Teacher, check out our upcoming Facilitator's Training!