Transitional Living Program

Caring Support

Wise Women Gathering Place is proud to offer Transitional Living Program to assist individuals and their children recovering from domestic violence and sexual assault. These are programs for victims and survivors who have a need for a time-limited residence in order to facilitate their transition to independent living. Our transitional living programs offer stable and safe homes, support for economic independence, development of educational plans, and promotion of wellness and connection to the community.


Most of all, our programs wrap participants in a blanket of caring support.


Our programs best serve families who will benefit from structure, guidelines, and programs designed to facilitate independent living. It is not intended to be a "safe house," secured shelter, or a long term housing option. Participants must be out of immediate danger to be eligible.


These Transitional Living Programs are a collaborative effort between Oneida Social Services-Oneida Domestic Violence Program, Oneida Housing Authority, and Wise Women Gathering Place. A team from these agencies coordinates eligibility, placement and support services.


Each program has its own eligibility and expectations from participants. If you are interested in becoming a tenant in our Transitional Living Program, please contact Wise Women at (920) 490-0627 to schedule an assessment with one of our Program Specialists. We would be happy to determine which program may best suit your needs, and seek other community resources to support you and your family.