Rock & Rest

is a service that Wise Women Gathering Place offers at many area festivals and celebrations throughout the summer.


In the past, you may have visited us at Art Street, BayFest, the Fourth of July Oneida Pow-wow, or the Oneida Family Carnival.


Rock & Rest offers parents attending such events rocking chairs, changing tables, diapers, and a place to quietly care for their babies or toddlers under the peace and shade of a large canopy. We provide diapers, sun screen, insect repellant, and other supplies. In addition, we have infant feeding and nursing areas, infant play areas, napping areas and much more. We set up cribs, high-chairs, rocking chairs, and a play area with toys.


Rock & Rest also showcases many other aspects of Wise Women Gathering Place programming. Our staff will be happy to speak with you and your family!


At Rock & Rest, we offer relationship building games for children, resources on domestic violence and sexual assault, and tools for guided decision making in relationships. Children and parents can engage in our Home Remedies game, an activity for children to verbalize tricky emotions; Virtual Date, a healthy relationship skills game; Parent-Teen Encounter, a healthy family communication activity; and discover new information through our many health educational resources.

Interested in hosting your own Rock & Rest?

You may find our Checklist helpful to spearhead a similar program in your own community!

Rock & Rest Checklist
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See you this summer!