Discovery Dating: Its not just about dating!


Discovery Dating is a method, or a ‘formula’, that can be used to discover important information about yourself and others with whom you have key relationships.


You can determine whether you are moving forward in a situation that supports your values, safety and goals or whether you are wedging yourself more deeply into situations that have greater chances of conflict, harms, and disappointment.


You can check your own values and goals according to your actual behavior patterns.

Who is Discovery Dating for?

Young People, Old People, In-Between People, Parents, Kids, Elders, Youth, Adults, Aunties & Uncles, Teenagers, Beginners, Experts, Mentors, Students, Guides, Families, Siblings, Cousins, Children, Teachers, Role Models, Learners, Grown-ups, The Young at Heart, Communities, Grandparents…


People who wonder “How can I be a better person?”


People who think “I want healthier relationships in my life.”


People who say “I want a better way for my kids.”



Who You Are & Where You Want to Go

Discovery Dating offers a process for:

  • Developing your own criteria for making important decisions.
  • Learning your own values
  • Determining your chosen direction in life


Mentors help guide us and make important decisions. Discovery Dating will help you identify key mentors in your life and build stronger relationships with them.

Here’s how it works!

Beginning with the end in mind, we first decide on what our goals are for the short, mid and long term future. We write down steps, and think of barriers that might block us from getting our goals. We also think about who else might benefit if we get our goals.


Based on a deck of cards, we talk about all different areas of life, like:

  • personality,
  • anger,
  • children,
  • love,
  • trustworthiness,
  • money,
  • substance abuse,
  • communication,
  • and many more.

We use special Diary Sheets to keep track of information and facts about important people in our lives. These facts and information must be carefully considered over a long period of time.


We use Pyramid Sheets to figure out if our life goals and values align with other people. Then we can make informed choices about our boundaries and about decisions that have a permanent impact on our life.

Discovery Dating General Brochure
Download a brochure of the information found on this page to share with a partner, friend, colleague, or client.
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