Middle School Wise Youth

These hands are committed to Peace, Respect, & Belonging 


The mission of Wise Youth is to educate our peers, community & family on prevention of violence, teen pregnancy, gangs and alcohol & drug abuse. 


Fridays, 3:30-5:30pm

Fall 2016 dates TBA


Dinner served every week!


Rides home available to Green Bay & Oneida


Oneida Nation Middle School

Cafeteria/Small Gym

Permission Slip to Participate in Middle School Wise Youth
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2016 School Year!

Meeting location: ONMS Small Gym: Three Sisters Resource Center is unable to accommodate us this year to due other community programming at the same time. Luckily, Turtle School has generously offered us their small gym for our meetings. Yaw^ko!


Transportation for Lombardi Middle School students: Since we will be meeting at Oneida Nation Middle School, ONMS students will be able to easily walk to Wise Youth after the close of the school day. Lombardi students may catch a ride in the white Wise Women Gathering Place van after school. We can accommodate up to 14 students at Lombardi when school dismisses. ALL students will still be eligible for rides home from ONMS after Wise Youth.

Wise Youth is a group of energetic and passionate 6th-8th grade Native American students, committed to creating positive change in their community, who gather weekly after school to engage in educational, creative activities and spread awareness on issues such as healthy relationships, teen pregnancy prevention, and more. Wise Youth group’s enthusiasm is remarkable, and an environment of respect is the hallmark of the group.


Wise Youth group is youth-driven. Each year, students participate in a consensus workshop to develop an action plan of key issues they would like to address through their activities. In this way, the activities of the group are a direct product of the interests of the youth. Staff guidance is utilized to make these youth-identified endeavors possible.


WWGP is committed to recognizing the needs of the youth we serve, and removing as many barriers to participation as possible:

  • Stability: Wise Youth group meets every Friday during the school year, with consistent staff and format. Many of our youth experience instability in other areas of their lives, some live or stay with a variety of relatives, some have transferred between public and Tribal school, and some lack reliable adult supervision at home. Wise Youth Group serves as a constant in their lives, a safe and supportive environment in which to begin their weekends. WWGP staff and interns attend dependably to build healthy, adult mentor relationships with the youth week after week.
  • Time: Recognizing the importance of well-rounded young people, the middle school group meets on Fridays, so that students may still participate in school athletics and clubs Monday-Thursday. Historically, Wise Youth met on Thursday nights. After switching to Fridays, attendance more than doubled.
  • Transportation: All students are eligible for a free ride home after group. Last year, only 3% of Wise Youth were confident that they would be able to attend group without the rides donated by Oneida Transit and provided by WWGP staff and interns.
  • Meals: A meal is also served at each meeting, following cultural norms. Last year, 74% of students reported that the food served at Wise Youth is their primary meal on Friday evenings.

Impact of the program

In 2013, middle school Wise Youth was surveyed about their impressions. Over half reported that Wise Youth helps them watch comments, bully less, and be more respectful at school. Many stated that they were better able to handle conflicts with their families. Students also stated that Wise Youth makes them more confident and sure of themselves—“I’m a lot more braver, a leader not a follower” as one student noted. Meeting other people and gaining education on various topics were the top two reasons that students reported coming to Wise Youth group.

“To learn new things”

“Learn what to do in a hard time”

“To prevent violence and other negative stuff”

“To learn how to prevent certain things like teen pregnancy or abuse”

“To help the community”

“Fun place and safe place to be”

“I can be myself around people here”

“New experience”

“Be part of something awesome”

“To help me be a better person”

“Meet new people”

“To connect to people more“